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08/05/2017 1 Comment

Deck Oil Maintenance After deck sanding, choosing the right Oil for your deck is really about Deck Oil Maintenance.  In other words, how do you want to care for your deck. Whilst most

06/05/2017 2 Comments

DIY Deck Oil Top Up How do you do a deck oil top up?  The biggest problem my customers ask me about is how to maintain their deck & keep it looking great all

06/05/2017 1 Comment

Decking Oil Decking Oil - to skin or not to skin, that is the question.  If you're old enough, you may remember a saying "Oils ain't Oils". Well when it comes to decking oil,

06/05/2017 0 Comments

Deck Oiling Deck oiling is the process of protecting your timber deck against the elements. If you leave your deck bare it will turn grey and then slowly start to go black from

12/01/2017 2 Comments

To shine or not to shine When it comes to floor polishing, to shine or not to shine, that is the question.  Full Gloss shine or matt finish. Floor finishes make your floors

12/01/2017 1 Comment

Think Twice about finishes It's important not to leave your precious hardwood floors bare and unprotected. Just as it is vital to have to a roof over our heads, it is important to

22/12/2016 0 Comments

The Pros and Cons of Natural Oil Natural oil is becoming a popular option for floor polishing, as it is equally protective as it beautifies the appearance of your floor. Oil finish illuminates