To shine or not to shine

To shine or not to shine

When it comes to floor polishing, to shine or not to shine, that is the question.  Full Gloss shine or matt finish. Floor finishes make your floors beautiful and make them last a long time. Another plus is that you won’t have to do back-breaking labour when it comes to cleaning your floors. The perfect finish will provide protection from dust, dirt, grime, and moisture and provide a beautiful sheen and colour that will enhance the style of your home. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to the perfect finish so here are some examples of finishes you can use and what those finishes can do for your hardwood floors.

Natural oil

Natural oils have been used for centuries on wood for protection and preservation of its beauty. Natural oils when applied are absorbed by the hardwood and doesn’t protect by making a layer on top of the wood. It protects from within the wood. When it dries, it solidifies making it a tough barrier. This also really makes the grains of the wood stand out and gives it a nice depth. It gives off a matte sheen. It is also very environmentally friendly and almost all of these oils available now are not toxic at all, emitting little to no VOCs. Oils are easy to put on and finish repairs are a breeze compared with conventional finishes. It doesn’t show scratches on floors easily.

Hardwax oil

Hardwax oils are pretty flexible when it comes to sheen. You can get any sheen from matte, glossy, to satiny shine. What’s also great about this type of wax is that it’s moisture-resistant which makes it a great barrier between dirt and your hardwood. It’s also antibacterial. It’s great for moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. What’s interesting about this wax is its porosity. Although it doesn’t let moisture or dirt in, it gives your hardwood the ability to breathe making room for it to microscopically expand or contract due to a rise or fall in temperature. This type of finish is made of natural ingredients and not a lot of solvents so it is the better choice when it comes to less pollutants. The oil seeps into the wood and the wax stays on top of the wood sealing the oil in.

Ultraviolet oil

This type of oil on floor gives off a matte or satiny sheen depending on what you desire. This makes it easier for it to not show scratches that commonly happen on floors. It is also a great alternative to toxic finishes because this type of finish does not emit a lot VOCs or some have no VOCs as well. Another advantage of this finish is that it’s easy to do patch repairs on the finish.

Water based

You can now get this type of finish in matte to glossy sheen. These are also not as harmful to you as generic floor polyurethanes are. This finish is very easy to apply and dries fast so you can use your rooms the same day as application.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to sheen. Modern flooring technology has made available for you safe finishes that don’t compromise on quality and beauty.

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