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UV Rush - Maximum durability - Instant use.

UV Rush

UV Cured Polyurethane

Rush is a premium UV cured polyurethane coating from Loba, a leading manufacturer of wood floor finishes. Rush is a high-performance, water-based coating designed to protect wood floors from wear and tear, while also enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. One of the unique features of Rush is its fast curing time. Unlike traditional polyurethane coatings that can take several days to dry and cure, Rush can be cured in just a few hours, allowing floors to be finished quickly and efficiently. This is particularly beneficial in commercial settings, where downtime can be costly. Another key feature of Rush is its exceptional durability. It is specifically formulated to resist scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as commercial floors. Additionally, Rush offers excellent chemical resistance, ensuring that it will stand up to the harsh chemicals commonly used in commercial cleaning products. Rush is also a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) coating, which means it emits fewer harmful chemicals into the environment than traditional coatings. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice for both commercial and residential applications. In terms of aesthetics, Rush offers a clear, natural finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It is available in a beautiful, modern Matt/Satin finish to suit all design preferences. Rush is a high-performance, fast-curing, and durable coating that offers excellent protection for wood floors in commercial and residential settings. Its low VOC formulation and clear, natural finish make it a popular choice among environmentally conscious designers and architects.

UV Lights
UV Curing

UV Cured Rush

Rush vs Water Based

The main difference between water-based polyurethane and UV-cured polyurethane, such as Loba's WS Rush, is the method of curing. Water-based polyurethane cures through a process of evaporation and coalescence, where the water in the mixture evaporates and the polyurethane particles coalesce and harden over time. This process can take several hours or even days, depending on the environmental conditions. UV-cured polyurethane, on the other hand, cures almost instantly through exposure to ultraviolet light. When the UV light hits the polyurethane, a photochemical reaction occurs, causing the polyurethane to harden quickly. This results in a very durable and long-lasting finish that can be applied in thin layers. Loba's WS Rush is a type of UV-cured polyurethane that can be applied in very thin layers, resulting in a finish that is even more durable than traditional water-based polyurethane. The quick curing time of UV-cured polyurethane also means that floors can be used much sooner than with water-based polyurethane.

Main Benefits

  • Cured with UV lights for instant use
  • Commercial grade tough
  • Beautiful and durable
  • It is natural and has no smell.
  • Non toxic

Its beautiful modern matt finish with a classic, neat appearance. On top of all this, it is the longest-lasting coating, which also provides full commercial use, immediately after the final cure.

UV Lights
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Why is Rush unique?

Cured by UV Lights

Introducing Rush, a timber floor coating that utilizes the power of UV cured technology to deliver lightning-fast results. Rush sets a new standard for timber floor coatings with its combination of strength and durability, without any of the drawbacks found in other coatings. Whether your project is in a rush or not, Rush has you covered. It is completely natural and non-toxic, with no unpleasant odors, and can withstand the demands of commercial use. The modern, beautiful Matt/Satin finish comes in a range of options to suit every situation, with all choices being three-coat systems that start with a sealer coat, followed by a middle coat, and finished with a last coat. For the ultimate timber floor coating system, choose UV Rush. This is the toughest, longest-lasting coating available on the market today, suitable for full commercial use, and can be used immediately after the final cure. Rush allows you to get back on your floor faster, with the added bonus of scratch resistance and longevity. If price is a major concern and you don't require the extra durability, we also offer a No Rush solution.

3 Options

Middle - Last - Full

If the budget is tight, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of UV Rush. Just adding Rush as the middle coat will not only save you money, it will be twice a durable as a water-based coated floor. If speed is need than, by adding Rush as the last coat, it gets cured 4 hours later and is ready for instant use. However, when you want it all, go the full Rush. UV Rush.

UV Lights
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UV Cured polyurethane

The Best Floor Coating

UV cured Rush is the ultimate timber floor coating. Regardless if you just include it as a middle coat, last coat or all coats, your floors longevity, durability and scratch resistance is greatly increased by including it. For those with no need for durability or longevity, or speed of use, we offer a budget friendly No Rush option, which is a two pack water-based coating.

UV Cured Rush


Why UV Cured

How is it superior to water based coatings

UV Cured Rush is Commercial grade tough. It is the only timber floor coating that can be cured with UV lights for instant use.

Most homes take a minimum of 2 days. We sand and apply two coats on day 1.  Then cure or buff back and apply the final coat on day 2. Depending on which option you choose, we can return in the afternoon of day 2, cure the floor, for full instant use. 

Not everyone needs instant access, or the full strength of UV Rush.  Home saves us a trip so you save money.  Home Express, allows full use after the final coat is cured, just like UV Rush, without the full price tag. 

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