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Treads - Risers - Stringers

Treads Only

Treads Sanded

Old coating on Riser and Side Stringers (Painted White next image)


White Risers

Risers and Side stringers painted white

Image 2

Step Treads

White Risers & Stringers


Step Treads

Black Japan Treads

Image 9
Merbau Treads

Merbau Treads

Ready to stain Black

Black Stain

Black Merbau Treads

Stained and UV Rush

Black UV Rush

Black UV Rush

Black Stain coated with UV Cured Rush

Black Stain Stairs

Semi-Transparent stain

More expensive than Black Japan

Tread Riser Stringer

Stair Terminology

Parts of the stair case

So we are all on the same page, when discussing your stairs. Open - usually means no Risers. Floating - usually means no Risers and no side stringers, just treads.

The tread is the part you stand on and includes the nose - thickness of the tread.

In this picture, we sanded and finished the treads only. Note how they are now a lighter colour than the Riser and stringers? The old coating has yellowed and some people do not like this look, so it is more cost effective to paint the Side Stringers and Risers afterwards.  See below. 

Side stringers run down the wall, and in this picture, under the hand rails. 

Not all staircases have side stringers.

Sanding and Polishing Stairs

We sand and finish the Treads only.

  • Treads Sanded and Polished
  • Risers painted white (By your painter, after us not before)
  • Side Stringers and Rails painted white (By your painter)

As sanding the treads will cause small amounts of damage to the Riser and Sidestringers, they should be painted after we sand and finish the treads, never before, or they will need to be redone.

Black UV Rush

Staining Stairs - Beautiful but expensive

Stain is semi-translucent so you still see the timber beneath

Staining adds an extra process and an extra day to the job, so it is more expensive. If you just wanted Black stairs, then Black Japan will save you money. Black Japan is a cover all and is great for hiding stains and making everything a uniform colour. Whereas stain will still show a variation in the timber colour.

  • We can sand & finish with clear
  • Sand and Black Japan
  • Sand, Stain and clear

Pic on left is Sanded, Stained and coated with UV Rush.

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