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The best way to restore timber floors is by sanding and refinishing. It will result in a brand-new timber look and result in the best protective coating for the timber surface. The floors are the most abused surface area of the home and commercial spaces. They’ll need all the help they can get for protection. Fortunately, the team at Floor can help you restore and provide the best protection for your timber floors.

Mark Jolley at Floor and his specially hand-picked experts have been providing the more than 100,000 residents in Toowoomba professional floor restoration services for almost three decades. The Floor team has done more than ten thousand residential and commercial floors in Queensland and the rest of Australia for commercial timber floor restoration. It is their great work ethic, professionalism, knowledge, and experience in the timber floor restoration industry that makes them the most sought -after restoration team in Toowoomba.

Floor Sanding Toowoomba

Drastic changes in temperature in the winter and in the hot summers can negatively affect timber floors due to expansion and contraction during hot and cold days. Humidity can also pose a threat to the structure of your timber floors if not properly finished. It is vital to put on the proper protective top coat to prevent your floors from cracking and to shield the wood fibers from damaging moisture.

If you’re looking to sell your home or commercial space, you can increase its value just by refinishing the timber floors. Having it smoothed and shined to perfection will attract buyers who love the look of a new floor. An investment in floor refinishing will definitely pay off when you sell your home or commercial space at premium prices.

You’ll find that the Floor team cleans up after themselves and their jobsite will be spotless when finished. To minimize dust exposure to the rest of the residence or commercial building, they’ll section off the area being worked on and they’ll have attachments on their machines that catch the dust from the sanding passes.

The Floor team keeps abreast of the latest in floor restoration and resurfacing products and technology. They have experience in various techniques and have used hundreds of products so they know what processes and products to use to be able to deliver the best results for any type of timber floor or pattern. They know how to make any variety of timber floor grain look its best.

Timber refinishing is one of the most affordable options for timber floor owners. Instead of replacing old floors, the experts at Floor can sand and stain it to extend its lifespan for several years. You’ll be saving yourself several thousand dollars. Don’t be surprised if the team at Floor says yes to the floor restoration job that other floor restoration companies have rejected. They love a challenge. It gives them great pleasure to take what was once a seemingly hopeless floor and turn it into a work of art. They’re happy to discuss your floor restoration options. During consultations, they’ll talk about their processes and the wide range of floor products available in the market that will suit your timber floor needs.

Don’t wait to have your timber floors refinished. Waiting too long will mean extensive work will have to be done to restore it to its former glory. Even if you think your floor is too far gone, their amazing restoration skills might just the solution you need to save your timber floors.

Email Mark at mark@floor.au or call 0438 777 561 for an estimate.


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