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Our UV Cured Coatings


No Rush

Modern Matt/Satin finish
Water based
No toxic/No smell
Perfect for parquetry

**Lowest Cost**


Home Hybrid

Modern Matt/Satin finish
More scratch resistant
Non Toxic/No smell
Move in 24hrs

**Best Value**

UV Rush

UV Rush

Modern Matt/Satin finish
Maximum Durability
Non Toxic/No smell
Move in immediately after curing

**Toughest Finish**



Unmatched Floor Protection, Cured at Light Speed

It's all about the Rush

Welcome to UV Cured technology. Rush is a timber floor coating that is cured at the speed of light. UV Light to be specific, and infra-red. Move back on your floor faster with UV Cured Polyurethane. Rush is the ultimate timber floor coating that has no compromises. The strengths of other coatings and none of their weaknesses. It does not matter if your project is in a hurry or not, Rush is the only timber floor coating to meet everyone's needs. It is natural and non-toxic. It has no smell and it commercial grade tough. It comes in the modern, beautiful Matt/Satin finish. The only decision is, how many coats will you decide on? We have something to suit every situation. All choices are 3 coat systems. All of which start with the same first sealer coat, topped with a middle coat and finished with a last coat.

  • Home Hybrid (Middle Coat Rush)
    The benefits of having Rush as the middle coat is that not only will it save you money, but it should also double the longevity of your floor coating when compared to water-based polyurethane. Which in turn saves you even more money. Home Rush is the best value for money and is our most popular option.
  • Com-Express (Last Coat Rush)
    As the name suggests, your last coat is a coat of Rush. Here is where things get interesting. We apply the final coat in the morning, then return 4 hours later to cure the floor with the UV Lights, for instant access. Yes, instant. The very moment we finished curing the floor, you have full use. Move your furniture in immediately, no waiting.
  • UV Rush (All Coats Rush)
    The Ultimate timber floor coating system. UV Cured Rush. This is the toughest, longest lasting, timber floor coating that is available today. Full commercial use, instantly after the final cure. Get back on your floor faster with Rush.
  • No Rush (Water Based)
    The lowest cost timber floor coating system. No UV Cured Rush. This is our budget offering. When price is more important than longevity and durabilty, and you don't need fast access, than No Rush is suitable. Its a beautiful look, without the high price.
UV Cured Rush


Our Coating Solutions

UV Curing

UV Curing

WS Rush



UV Rush

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Black Japan

External Deck


Home Express

Pet Friendly


Sanding - Polishing - UV Curing

Mark & Konnor
UV Curing
Konnor Jolley
UV Curing


Our Floor Polishing Reviews

– Darren L.
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Very happy with the standard of work and the price was fantastic. Would highly recommended mark to anyone that is looking

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Web Design
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I am extremely happy with the work done by Mark and his staff. I had to reschedule the polishing of my

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Phil Dunn
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Mark has a small experienced team so you know who you are getting to do the job. They are well equipped

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Fiona Smith
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I put an inquiry on their website on a weekend and had an email response within a couple of hours. They

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