Deck Oil Top Up

DIY Deck Oil Top Up

How do you do a deck oil top up?  The biggest problem my customers ask me about is how to maintain their deck & keep it looking great all year round. If you have children, pets, a busy social life, then add the harsh weather in Queensland your deck will start to show signs of wear & tear in just a few months.

Traditional deck coatings like Sikkens require you to buff back the entire deck, and paint another layer of protective skin oil on every year when this occurs. The main reason for doing your whole floor with these products is because it “builds up” or adds a skin type layer on the previous coat. Just like paint, this changes the colour of your deck & if you miss a spot, you’ll get a patchy result.

Floor offers an innovative deck top-up system from Germany – Burnishing Oil. Imagine how great it would be if you could top up your deck oil, just like you clean your kitchen bench. The worn areas just disappear.

With a simple spray and wipe process you can seamlessly blend your topped up area with the other areas of your deck.

All you need to do is…

1. Spray the burnishing oil on the affected area

2. Wipe it with a soft cloth to help the oil penetrate the timber & reseal your deck.

Forget about the old days of expensive re-coats of skin type decking oil.

Those days have gone.

Burnishing Oil

Once Floor sands & oils your decks, you can top them up with a simple spray and wipe.  Just like the video shows – use a spray bottle of Parkett Oil & an old rag to simply spray and wipe your decks back to health. The real bonus is that you do not have to do the entire deck all the time.   You can just spray and wipe when & where your timber deck needs it most.  Like any good investment however, we recommend you spray & wipe your complete deck once a year to keep it resealed & in great shape.

Deck Wash

To help keep your decks clean & mould free, we also recommend using a Deck Wash. This unique product has oil like properties that gives a little back to the deck every time you wash it.

If you would like to know more about deck oiling, please visit our Deck Oiling Brisbane page.



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