Decking Oil

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Decking Oil

Decking Oil – to skin or not to skin, that is the question.  If you’re old enough, you may remember a saying “Oils ain’t Oils”.

Well when it comes to decking oil, never a truer word has been spoken.

One thing you should know about the real classification of your decking oil is – is it a skin type, or is it a penetrating oil?

It will cost you heavily if you don’t know the difference. Learn more about our deck sanding and polishing here.

Skin Type Decking Oil

Most decking oils fall into this category.  They are painted on & build up layers with multiple coats.  Most floor sanders recommend decks are initially setup with three coats to build a thick skin to protect your deck.   This is the most common type of decking oil, because it is the cheapest to set up.  However,  to keep it maintained & looking great you need to buff back & re-coat your entire deck each year. This ongoing maintenance makes skin type decking oils more expensive that penetrating oils after only a year or two.

Penetrating Oil

Now don’t get bogged down in terminology.  Most deck oiling products will try and tell you they penetrate the timber.  This is true to some extent, but in reality 99% of their protective features lie on top of the timber as a thick skin coat.

What you really should care about is how to maintain your decking oil.  This is where the true cost of ownership lies.

True penetrating oils do not build up a skin layer on your timber deck. They seep into your timber to seal it from the inside to protect it from wear & tear.

So why is that important?

It is important because it means you can top it up.   Not only can you top it up, you can just do patches or small areas.  You do not need to go over the entire deck all the time like a skin coat.  You can just top up the high wear areas so your entire deck looks consistent all the time.

This makes it less expensive to maintain.

If you would like to read more about decking oil, please see our Deck Oiling Brisbane page.


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