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Loba UV Cured WS Rush

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Brisbane Loba UV Cured WS Rush

UV RushUV Cured RushLoba RushUv Cured Stairs

The new LOBACURE system is a new generation of low-emission, waterborne finishes for floor polishing that are cured instantly at the building site with the help of mobile UV-curing unit. The main advantage is that there is no longer a waiting period for the finished surface to cure before use. The finish reaches full hardness and usability instantly with UV curing.

  1. Professionally sand the surface.
  2. Apply First coat – WS Easy Prime
  3. Dry time 1 Hour
  4. Apply 2nd Coat – WS Rush
  5. Dry Time 4-6 Hours
  6. Cure with UV light
  7. Buff back the coats
  8. Apply 3rd Coat – WS Rush
  9. Dry Time 4-6 Hours
  10. Cure with UV Light

The finish meets all requirements for floors with very heavy traffic. Above all, it is characterised by exceptional scratch resistance and excellent chemical resistance, meaning good resistance to acids, bases, staining foods and beverages and other potentially damaging substances. If an “anti-slip” version is used, the finished floor will also have increased slip resistance in accordance with the German Trade Association standard BGR 181 and DIN 5130, ratings R9 and R10. Coloured finishes can also be used with the UV-curing system. The UV finish is waterborne, as well as practically solvent-free. The solvent content is less than 0.3%.

Owing to the immediate usability of the surface after UV curing, revenue losses are reduced to the smallest possible time frame. The downtime for most refurbishing projects, as a rule, is at least 3-5 days. This is the time required for a normal finish to fully cure. With this system the finish cures instantly with the help of mobile UV-curing unit.

This means that the finished floors are fully cured and usable immediately following the UV-curing process.

The curing process with mobile UV unit is carried out 3 hours after the UV finish is applied.

If you would like to know more about the Loba UV cured system, give Mark at Floor a call on 0438 777 561.

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    29/04/2020 REPLY

    […] Natural oil is becoming a popular option for floor polishing, as it is equally protective as it beautifies the appearance of your floor. Oil finish illuminates a lacquer-free look with a matte low sheen finish, imparting a rusty look on your floor. Although it doesn’t provide protection against wear extensively, it is highly suitable for areas with high humidity and moisture levels, such as bathroom or kitchen. Oil components can easily penetrate through the surface and hardens the wood fibres, which enhance its durability. This reduces the probability of joint cracking and wide gaps between individual woods. See this article about the new Lobacure UV cured system. […]

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