Deck Oil Maintenance

08/05/2017 Mark 1 Comment

Deck Oil Maintenance

After deck sanding, choosing the right Oil for your deck is really about Deck Oil Maintenance.  In other words, how do you want to care for your deck.

Whilst most people want to say, set and forget, that is unrealistic in Brisbane, with our hot Queensland sun.

The cold hard truth is, nothing will last in the sun, wind and rain longer than 12 months if you do nothing.

I want you to think about that for a moment.   What I am saying is, if you do zero maintenance on your deck, it does not matter what product you use, it will look worse for wear in as little as 12 months.  That there is the cold hard truth.

So what is the solution.   Well I did say, if you do nothing.  What about if you do something?

Skin Type – Deck Oil Maintenance

By skin type, I mean any deck oil that is painted on like paint.  It doesn’t matter if you use a brush or roller or lambs wool pad.

If you have to apply a coat, then wait for it to dry.  Then apply another coat, and so on, you are applying a skin type Oil or paint.

Unfortunately the only way to maintain a skin type coat, is to paint another layer of skin on it.   How often should you do this?

Well remember what we said in the first paragraph?  Nothing will last 12 months if you do nothing.   Applying another layer of skin is doing something, however this gets expensive fast. Its also time consuming.   But the biggest draw back is, you have to do the entire deck every time.  Is there a better way?  Yes.

Burnishing Oil – Deck Oil Maintenance

If your deck has burnishing oil on it, an oil that was buffed in, not built up in layers, than you are in luck.

The beauty of burnishing oil is it can be topped up.  Better still, because it is not a skin, you do not have to do everywhere all the time.  You can just attend to the worn or damaged areas.  Which makes it very cheap to care for.  But it gets better again.  There is also a Deck Wash that gives a little Oil back to the deck every time you wash it.   I refer once again to my initial statement, that nothing will last longer than 12 months if you do nothing.   If you have burnishing Oil on your deck, when you wash with product no 2, it counts as doing something.  When you spray and wipe with number 3, it counts as something.   When you wash with number 1, well that doesn’t count.  That is just like washing a skin deck.  It keeps it clean, but it adds nothing to longevity.






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