MIB Timber Floors

Quicksand and Polish

Originally MIB Timber floors.

We then changed our name to:-

Quicksand & Polish Pty Ltd

If you were looking for Quicksand and Polish, you have found us.  Mark and Konnor are here.

We are still transforming floors with The Perfect Process.

Floor Sanding Brisbane by Quicksand and Polish

We may have started out Floor Sanding in Ipswich, but we always travelled to Brisbane for the majority of our work.

Since we have moved to Brisbane, we have changed our name a few times, but with FLOOR, I think we finally found a name fitting to us.  Now that you have found our new home, at FLOOR, you won’t have to search for us again.


We later changed our name from Quicksand & Polish to just Qsand.  A shortened version.

So please give Mark a call if you need your timber floors sanded and polished or sanded and oiled.

Don’t forget we do Deck sanding as well.

Brisbane Timber Floors still runs until Floor Pty Ltd ranks.

I believe in Kaisen.   Constant and never ending improvement.  “Everything changes, only change is changeless. ”

So yes, I keep searching for better sanding techniques and better polishing techniques.  I have also searched for better names.

Something easier to remember and easier to find.

Floor | Sanding | Polishing | UV Curing

Its simple but effective.  It answers the main questions.

Yes I do Floors.

Yes, I can sand them.

Yes I polish them and I can even oil them as well, but now we UV cure them for the ultimate in protection and longevity.

Floor says it all.  Mark Jolley.









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