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Considering Parquetry Oiling Brisbane? Giving your parquetry floor proper treatment is essential to keeping it in tip top condition for several years. You can bring out the natural beauty of the parquet floor by oiling it. Floor can easily be of assistance with this process as described on on this page. It is also highly recommend that you top up the oil of your parquetry floors regularly. Oiling parquetry prevents it from looking dull and dry. Furthermore, you can extend the life of your parquetry floors. A simple spray and wipe with Parqutry Oil will keep them looking great it will protect them longer.

Timber Parquetry Oiling

The oiling process will give the floor shine without being too glossy. However, the process is not only intended to make the wooden floor look stylish or for aesthetic purposes. Oiling is often the final stage in a long restoration process for parquet floors. If your parquet floor has been around for years, it might be a good idea to re-install the blocks to get rid of small gaps on the floor (as the humidity and foot traffic might have caused a shift in the position of each block). After you have re-installed the blocks, you can sand the floor surface for an even and smooth finish. The final stage will be to apply the oil. Oiling parquet will show off the uniform finish and natural character of the wood.

Oiling hardwood floors like parquetry might seem intimidating for those who have not done it before. If you are unsure about what oil to use and when, you can always call on flooring professionals. Floor can offer you re-installation, sanding and polishing, along with oiling to give your flooring a complete makeover. The services you get will depend on your budget, too. Feel free give us a call today to choose the service you need to reinstate your floor to a brand-new appearance.

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