Full Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin or Matt.

Gloss Semi-Gloss Satin Matt

When it comes to floor polishing, what’s the difference between Gloss Semi-Gloss Satin and Matt?  Floor offers various ranges of sheen levels from a gloss to a matt finish. Before deciding on any of the levels, you need to consider these factors:

Function. A Gloss finish will impart a brighter and more reflective surface.  Whilst Matt will produce a more natural finish

Durability. Gloss finish yield high durability and protection.

Based off its specific functionality, here are the levels of sheen available for selections. Luster refers to a measure of lights reflectivity, which produces different level of gloss. For any inquiries or any on-site inspection, contact us on 0438 777 561.


  • Over 75% luster
  • Very reflective
  • Brighten surface colour
  • Adds depth and brilliance
  • Accentuate surface imperfection the most
  • Initial wear is more visable in high traffic areas
  • Visible footprints
  • True Two pack which is the hardest of all finsihes


  • 55-70% luster
  • Medium sheen
  • Reflect more light
  • Highlights imperfections and dust
  • Offers a natural finish and durable performance


  • 40-50% luster
  • Low sheen
  • Easy maintenance
  • Disguises initial marks and scratches better than gloss finish but will get more over time
  • Ideal for maintaining the floor’s natural appearance
  • Suitable for high-use area


  • 25-25% luster
  • Darkens surface colour
  • No shine
  • Appear dry
  • Mask surface imperfection the best
  • Best option for area with busy area
  • Matt oils are easily topped up and maintained

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