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Being close to water has its perks, but the humidity can do a number on your timber floors. If your timber floors have their top coats starting to look patchy and worn and the once glowing colours starting to fade, it’s important to act quickly to get your floors protected once again and give them back the luster they once had. You might think it more economical to sand and refinish the floors yourself, but if you have not had a lot of experience with floor sanding and finishing, it is a better idea to call in experts in floor sanding and polishing like the Floor sanding, polishing, and oiling company.

They only use the best tools, products, and techniques to accomplish their work, so you can be rest assured that the end-result of their work is top notch. The Floor team is led by Mark Jolley who has been in the floor restoration business for 27 years! For most of his life, he’s been doing floor restoration so he knows his timber floors well. He can sand and refinish virtually any type of timber floor from regular timber, parquetry, to herringbone – he and his team can do it all. The Floor team has done more than ten thousand floors which is incredible. Customers love the Floor team because of their professionalism, efficiency, and conscientious work ethic. They’re also very friendly and easy to communicate with too. They’re being hired again and again for different floor restoration jobs because they take pride in their work and they deliver what they promise. What’s great about the floor team is that they will not leave a jobsite unless the customer is completely happy with the end results.

Indoor Residential and Commercial Sanding, Polishing, and Oiling
Floors can take a lot of abuse through day to day use. Hope Island residents are active and are in and out of their homes often. It shows by the wear on their timber floor. Fortunately, Floor restoration services are here to help with the leadership of floor masters Mark and his team. The wear from shoes, sand, dirt, constant rubbing, or scratches can be removed by the expert sanding techniques of the Floor team. They’ll top the floor off with a perfect coat of finishing stain that enhances the natural beauty of the timber floor. The coatings they have available for finishes are of high quality and modern technology engineering. They provide excellent protection and can naturally add a beautiful sheen to the floors. You won’t regret hiring the Floor team – they’ll get your floors looking as good as new. They can even do unique timber spaces like stairs and different-shaped areas.

Outdoor Residential and Commercial Sanding, Polishing, and Oiling

Timber decks, verandas, and other outdoor timber floor structures are also our specialty. Outdoor timber flooring needs different finish coating than indoor ones for better protection against the harsh elements outside. Strong UV protection is recommended to protect the surface wood fibers from being destroyed by the sun’s rays. Rain, moisture, humidity, and colder weather can also do a number on a deck surfaces that are not coated properly. With that in mind, Floor provides all the protective coats and oil stains you need to provide maximum protection for your timber flooring structures outdoors.

Great Value

Their services are competitively priced and provide great value for your money. Once your timber floors are finished professionally, you’ll find that the value of your home or commercial space will increase.

If you want to experience the job well done by Mark and his team, call Floor sanding, polishing, and oiling services at 0438 777 561. You can also reach them by email at mark@floor.au or connect with them through Facebook.

Hope Island

This suburb located in the north part of the Gold Coast is named after Captain Louis Hope who was known as a major founder of the sugar industry in the state of Queensland. This area is family-oriented yet stylish and chic. There are gated estates and regular homes of different units. There are excellent marina facilities, shopping areas, health facilities, parks and the M1 highway which can take residents north or south. Beaches and golf courses are close by. Residents can go fishing and do all sorts of water activities like waterskiing, tubing, or boating. As per the 2011 census, there was close to 8,500 inhabitants in the Hope Island suburb.

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