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Deck oiling the all-natural way

Natural Deck oiling Brisbane only at Floor – the deck sanding experts.  Oiling decks can be a messy, time consuming process. And when you want to protect your timber deck from the elements, maintain a long lasting superior finish and protect your family and the environment from harsh, synthetic chemicals, good results can be hard to find.

But things are different when you work with us.  We are the true Brisbane deck oiling specialists.

Thanks to our non-toxic natural burnishing deck oil we can have your deck sanded, oiled and ready to walk on in just one day. Made from natural sunflower oil, our non-toxic burnishing deck oil has zero smell.  It also has zero chemicals and zero irritations, making it the safest choice for your timber deck oiling and maintenance.

Deck Oiling, It’s fast to setup

At Floor, we start with deck sanding to remove any discolouration from your timber deck. We then apply a flood coat that soaks into the timber, and burnish it to seal and bring out the colour. Finally, we apply friction and buff it off. Best of all, your deck is done in a day, leaving you to get on with life.  Or if your prefer, we can do deck polishing.

Oiling your deck to maintain it, is no longer a chore.

As busy Brisbane professionals, we know you don’t have time for deck oil maintenance. That’s why we keep our Brisbane deck oiling service super simple. We take care of the original application, then you can take care of spot top ups with a quick spray and wipe. The finish won’t attract dust, doesn’t peel and thanks to an all-natural deck wash, is replenished each time you clean.  If you like, we can even offer a top up service as well for your deck, if you are super busy.

Deck oiling Brisbane – The safe way

Deck oiling in Brisbane can be quick, easy and chemical free. If you’d like to take care of your timber deck maintenance the all-natural way, give us a call on 0438 777 561 and get your free quote today.  Floor are your Brisbane deck oiling professionals.

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