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Our Forest Lake Floor Sanding Services:

  • Floor Sanding

  • Floor Polishing

  • Commercial Floor Sanding

  • Residential Floor Sanding

  • Deck Sanding

  • Parquetry Sanding

  • Oiling

  • Staining

Forest Lake

We Service the Following Suburbs in Brisbane South

Durack | Dutton Park | Eight Mile Plains | Ellen Grove | Fairfield | Forest Lake | Greenslopes | Heathwood | Holland Park | Holland Park West

Forest Lake, located in the southwestern suburbs of Brisbane, is a man-made lake that serves as the centerpiece of the Forest Lake community. The lake covers an area of approximately 10 hectares and was constructed in the early 1990s.

Surrounded by parks, walking and biking paths, and picnic areas, Forest Lake offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake’s calm waters are perfect for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, and the surrounding parks provide ample space for recreational activities such as soccer, cricket, and picnicking.

The lake is also home to a variety of aquatic species, including native fish such as Australian bass and carp, as well as waterbirds like ducks, swans, and pelicans. The Forest Lake community has worked hard to preserve the natural beauty of the area, and as a result, the lake and its surroundings are a popular spot for birdwatching and nature photography.

Forest Lake is more than just a recreational area, however. The community around the lake is a vibrant and thriving one, with a range of amenities and services to cater to the needs of its residents. There are several schools in the area, including Forest Lake State High School, St. John’s Anglican College, and Grand Avenue State School, making it an ideal place for families with children.

The lake is also conveniently located near the Forest Lake Shopping Centre, which features a range of shops and restaurants, as well as a public library and community centre. The nearby Forest Lake Sports and Community Club is a popular gathering spot for locals, offering a range of sports and recreational activities for all ages.

In conclusion, Forest Lake is a beautiful and vibrant community located in the heart of Brisbane’s southwestern suburbs. With its stunning lake, expansive parklands, and range of amenities, it offers a wonderful quality of life for its residents and visitors alike.

About Us

Honesty, integrity and dedication – these are the three main qualities that we, at Floor Sanding Specialist in Southern Brisbane Forest Lake, are proud of. With nearly thirty years of service in the floor refinishing industry, we can turn your dreams into a reality at a very affordable cost. At Floor in Forest Lake, we offer floor-refinishing services that include sanding, polishing and oiling.

Back in the days, carpets were preferred over hardwood floors. However, today, hardwood floors are growing in popularity and they are valued because of the unique appeal they add to any home. Homeowners who were able to purchase old houses that had original hardwood floors installed consider themselves fortunate and those that are intending to buy new houses ask their interior designers to install new wood flooring instead of the conventional modern tiles. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who were not made aware that hardwood floors also undergo wear and tear and if not properly cared for, it could look old an neglected. If this happens to your hardwood floors, don’t worry because at Floor in Forest Lake, we can revive and restore your hardwood floor’s previous glory and bring it back to its original state.

Our team of floor experts has sanded, polished and oiled more than ten thousand timber floors and decks across Forest Lake. You can be confident that our floor experts can bring back the newness of your floors. We promise to deliver outstanding results in the timeline we set.

Floor Sanding Forest Lake

Floor in Forest Lake is a company founded by Mark Jolley and his areas of expertise include sanding, polishing and oiling hardwood floors. The company is committed to ensure that your hardwood floors will look sleek and stylish despite its years. At Floor, we pride ourselves with our superior workmanship and top quality materials to give your hardwood floors the care it deserves at reasonable pricing. We have successfully built our reputation as a leading residential and commercial floor expert in the Forest Lake area based on the referrals and recommendations made by our happy and satisfied customers. We don’t sell ourselves; we let our clients do the talking because we make sure that in every project we bring into completion, our customers are always content with the outcome. Since we started our business, it has always been our aim to measure up to our clients’ expectations and in nearly three decades of making beautiful floors; we’ve done just that. At Floor in Forest Lake, we sand floors, decks, parquetry and timber in the best of our ability.

Floor Polishing Forest Lake

When a home with hardwood floors has high-foot traffic, it wouldn’t take long before you’ll notice unsightly changes to your hardwood floors. If and when this happens, you don’t have to panic. More often than not, homeowners take drastic measures to have new hardwood floors reinstalled or altogether cover it with carpet without realising that they can actually have it refinished through sanding, polishing and oiling. At Floor in Forest Lake, we can do all these for you at a very affordable price. You don’t have to bid goodbye to your hardwood floors because our team of floor experts will make sure that your hardwood floors and decks will shine like new. Our team is fully equipped and well trained to handle all types of hardwood floors regardless of floor size. After sanding your floors, we recommend it to be polished to give it a sleek shine. 

Floor Oiling Forest Lake

Our company offers a wide range of tog quality floor finishing packages and that includes oiling. One thing we can guarantee our clients is that we are able to restore ugly hardwood floors and make it look new again. Oiling is a special treatment as it drastically transforms the look and feel of your home. The original colour and grain of your timber floors will be enhanced after oiling. You’ll also be happy to know that maintenance is simple and easy and we also use non-toxic supplies and tools to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Why Choose Floor?

For nearly three decades, we have successfully captured the hearts of thousands of customers and we were able to build a strong client base based on our previous customers’ referrals and recommendations. These are the people who witness our services and they are very happy that we have exceeded their expectations. At Floor in Forest Lake, we make sure that our services are consistent and of superior quality. If you want to know more about our services or get a free quote, browse our website or better yet, give us a call.



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