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At Floor we know the Queensland sun leeches the colour out of and starts to decay most timber decks in just a few months. This leaves your timber deck looking grey, dirty & rough. If your deck looks like this, we recommend deck sanding Brisbane to bring it back to bare timber so you can start again with a fresh slate. Visit our floor sanding and polishing page to learn about our process. There is also a lot of excellent FAQ answered there as well.

You’re in the hands of craftsman – Deck professionals in Brisbane

Every stage of deck sanding requires its own technique. Over the years Mark has designed a unique process to make sure his team delivers world class results for clients every time. The team at Floor have been trained to Mark’s perfectionistic standards & know how to use the right equipment for every step of the deck sanding process.

3 keys to sanding your deck right, every time:

  1. Knowing how much to take off your deck. Floor’s skilled tradesmen know just how much to take off, leaving your deck flat & clean. They also make sure you keep as much depth in your boards as possible. This leaves you with deck boards that are smooth, strong & able to last decades.
  2. Using the right tools for the job. You don’t use just one tool for every job in your house & neither do the team at Floor. Every timber deck is unique & needs specialist tools to fix unique problems. We have equipment our competition doesn’t. Whether it’s using a specialist beak edger to get under the hand rails of your Queenslander deck (so you don’t miss the spots that most sanders can’t reach);  We always use the right tool for the job.
  3. Never skimping on the 2 percenters. Many floor sanders just do the bare minimum for a deck. Floor prides itself on following a tried & true method of sanding. We go the extra mile of ensuring nails are punched & dirt is removed. Your timber deck is now ready for the next stage of Oiling or Polishing.

This delivers better results for your deck every time.

Call Mark now on 0438 777 561 to arrange your free quote for your deck today.

Sanding decks under rails
Under rails on this deck not sanded for 7 years. At Floor, we have machines to sand all the way under the hand rails.

Floor Sanding Before and After
Sanding the grey off restores the colour & gets your deck flat before you we oil it. If you are in Brisbane, call Floor now to restore your deck.