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The top 2 things you need to get right when parquetry sanding.

  1. The hardest part of parquetry sanding is that the timber fingers are laid in multiple directions. Most floor sanding companies in Brisbane are not equipped to sand parquetry well because they use just an ordinary belt sander which can leave cross-grain markings. Floor uses a multi-directional Lagler Trio specifically designed for timber parquetry floors to get your timber parquetry flatter & cleaner with no cross-grain swirl marks. You can learn more about our floor sanding process and services here. When looking for someone to help you restore your beautiful parquetry – always ask if they have a Lagler Trio so you know they are masterful tradesmen who have invested in the right equipment to do the job right.
  2. No two parquetry timber floors are alike so when getting a quote for your floor, a serious tradesman will ask you more than just “how many metres do you have”. They’ll ask for the species of timber & what parquetry patterns you have so they know what process to recommend to get the result you’re looking for. Mark and his team at Floor have been trusted with restoring parquetry timber floors in heritage listed buildings, family homes and commercial spaces for over 27 years. They are ‘perfectionistic’ about getting it right – every time.

This delivers better results every time.

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