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Big River Timber ArmourFloor-Engineered Timber Overlay is an extremely unique and interesting product from Big River Timber. During

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Cleaning timber floors The Do's and Don'ts of Timber Floors, specifically the cleaning do's and don'ts when caring

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Originally MIB Timber floors. We then changed our name to:- Quicksand & Polish Pty Ltd If you were looking

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Damaged Timber Floors So you have discovered damaged timber floors.  Before you call in FLOOR to repair them, consider

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Guide to Hardwood Flooring Most Australians prefer timber flooring. This is a short guide to hardwood flooring by

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To shine or not to shine When it comes to floor polishing, to shine or not to shine,

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Think Twice about finishes It's important not to leave your precious hardwood floors bare and unprotected. Just as

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Floor Protection from furniture You've just got your flooring done by FLOOR and it looks amazing. It's dry and

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The guide below is a brief overview of the floor sanding process. You can find more information about

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Gloss Semi-Gloss Satin Matt When it comes to floor polishing, what's the difference between Gloss Semi-Gloss Satin and